Hello My name is Aaron Murdock. I'm a mutant with the gift to control the darkness. As a child I had feared it and for the most part dominated and shaped who I was, until I decided to not fear any longer. I am the bearer of the dark. I did not adapt to the darkness I was born into it.

''He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.''

Private OC rp blog.

Another year in hell he thought to himself. Why didn’t he just drop out or attend a private school instead? Why didn’t he change his appearance from the previous year to avoid at least that from the bullies? So many why’s spun around in Aaron’s head and it wasn’t even first period yet. The young teen stood outside the massive doors to ”The Dalton school.” shaking in his boots. Pushing the curls from his eyes he slipped on his glasses taking a moment to compose himself. Aaron planned after third period he could just leave, that way he could avoid gym and Jake Sullivan and his gang’s of misfits wrath altogether. Weighing his options Aaron sighed knowing he couldn’t escape this, gripping the straps on his backpack he headed in doors.

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